I have been an artist-metalsmith for 35 years. Aesthetically, my work often centers on abstract architecture, and landscapes, but after coming to New Mexico five years ago, some of my work is beginning to show the influence of the desert, geology, and cultures that surround me. I am particularly interested in pushing the idea of “ring”—what a ring can be, while still being wearable. Jewelry at its best is wearable art.

One of my interests is exploring unusual metals and materials, usually in combination with gold, to create jewelry and small-scale sculpture. In 1979, I published a seminal paper on the use of, and coloring of titanium, tantalum, and niobium, and other "refractory" metals for jewelry and sculpture. I have also developed gold alloys whose colors range from whites, to yellows, pinks, reds, greens, purples, and blues. These metals and alloys give me a large palate for creating new designs.  For example, I have often combined gold with steel and diamonds; gold with tantalum (a metal/element similar to titanium, but malleable, much rarer, and having a lavender-blue-gray color); and titanium with germanium and steel. I am currently experimenting with non-traditional techniques for applying color and images to jewelry, and using super-low-density solids for jewelry.

The pieces here are mostly outside of what would usually be called jewelry. They are small scale sculpture—table sculpture if you will. Some of them can be worn with care if you're adventurous, Most, that aren`t free standing, come with a stand. 

Please contact me for prices, show history of the pieces, and more photos of other work.


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