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Rattle, rattle—no—there aren't any snakes here. But there are over there. Well, maybe here. Watch your step please.

  • 2mm wide yellow gold shank with sterling silver top that appears to float above the ring. Size of Demon: 1/2"x1/2".
Color and Karat of Gold for Shank:
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About Ordering:

  • After selecting in the band color and karat option, add the ring to the cart.
  • Fill in your ring size on the order form that will appear after you click "Add to Cart" (to the nearest 1/4 size, if possible).
  • To get the correct ring size go to any established jeweler in your area and ask to have your finger sized with a narrow, ca. 3mm wide, sizer. Don't be embarrassed, this is a very common request, and should be a free service. Repeat the process with another jeweler to verify the size if possible. Alternatively, we*ll be happy to mail you a set of ring sizers. See also Ring Sizing.
  • Ring sizes greater than size 11, or less than size 4 may be priced slightly higher or lower than indicated. We will promptly advise you as to the price. 
  • Each Desert Demon ring is custom made to your specifications. It typically takes about two weeks, not counting shipping, from the placement of an order to complete your order. If you'd care to visit us in New Mexico, we can often complete a ring in about one week (except platinum rings).
  • The size of the Demon, listed at widest areas, may vary slightly from what's listed. The typical thickness is ca. 3/16".
  • On receipt of your order we will send you a confirmation, and if needed, further information about your order.
  • If you have any questions or special requests please feel free to email us—we will respond promptly.

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