Ring Sizing


Getting the proper ring size is always a concern. The fit of a ring is a very personal thing, and this is especially true if you aren't used to wearing one. One whole size is only 1/10" in circumference, and 1/32" in diameter (U.S. system), yet being off one size may feel massively wrong. Try to find a size that goes on and comes off with just a bit of effort. The feel of a ring will vary with ring width, a wider ring may feel a bit snugger; and time of day, fingers may swell a bit during a day. If your finger knuckle is significantly larger than the area on the finger where the ring sets the ring will twist a bit. Your best bet with a knuckle problem is to go with a ring with no definite top or bottom (like our Gold with Tantalum inlay bands, or Wave Ring on the More Rings page). There are mechanical solutions to the "large knuckle problem", but they have their own problems, and can be expensive. [From 35+ years of experience of fitting rings.]