Gold with Tantalum Inlay Rings


We have been making Gold with Tantalum Inlay™ rings for over 35 years. The design is elegant, understated, and very comfortable to wear. Each ring is made specifically for you. You select the profile, color and karat of gold (or platinum) for the band, and the inlay material. The inlay is held in place with 18k yellow gold or platinum rivets—a subtle design detail. And, by using an inlay strip the ring is sizable at a later date, which may not be the case with other tantalum rings. 


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A few facts about Tantalum:

  • Tantalum is a pure rare metal: an element. It is not a trade name or alloy name.
  • It is very dense; similar to 18K gold, and is quite soft (which is one reason we protect it from excessive nicking by putting it in a channel). 
  • One of Tantalum's most interesting properties is its natural color—a beautiful, subtle violet gray.
  • Tantalum is quite inert, and in its pure state, thought to be non-allergenic and non-toxic to humans.
  • It is one of the highest melting metals. This is one, of several, reasons why Tantalum can't be cast by jewelers.
  • Tantalum can't be soldered, and can only be welded (TIG, etc.) with difficulty.

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