Client Comments

Ode to Ringworks Studio
By Brian Basset
(As read by Red)

A Ringworks ring is more than a ring,
it's more than a thing that shines and sings.
It's more than mere metal, It's more than mere
gold...silver...platinum, all joys to behold.

No, a Ringworks ring is more than all that.
But more to the point, it really a pact -- between
an artist, our planet and its precious forms,
for what nature provides the hand transforms
into distinctive designs exceptionally drafted,
distinctive designs expertly crafted.

Yes, a Ringworks ring is all the above,
with just one thing missing --
That being your love.




Dear RWS,

Just a quick note to say thank you for helping us select, and for making our rings. We both received high compliments at the wedding from many guests who were awed by their beauty. I know Andrea’s engagement ring frequently draws gasps of appreciation from complete strangers.

Many thanks again for your part in making our wedding day complete.

Paul H



Dear RWS,

To Echo Paul’s words—Thank you! Thank you for your gorgeous gift of artwork, and the extension of your hospitality. Not only is my wedding and engagement ring stunning, but the memories of you, the experience in getting our wedding bands made, and the time spent at your home are as lovely.

Paul’s ring is the exact perfect color match, and is also lovely work.

We have digital photos of the rings if you care to use them in advertising. Feel free to quote our satisfaction.

Andrea H



Dear RWS,

When I first found out that there was a custom ring artisan living around the corner from me I was absolutely delighted! My search for an engagement ring had up till that point proved fruitless, and I was starting to get nervous. But after talking to Teresa to set up an appointment I knew that my search was most likely over. Sure enough, upon leaving the Ringworks Studio for the first time, I not only had a design for a fantastically perfect engagement ring that fit my bride-to-be's personality to a tee, but I also knew that we would almost definitely be purchasing our wedding bands there as well. Sure enough, my fiancée was ecstatic about the perfection of her engagement ring and looked forward to meeting the artists who designed and crafted it for us. We ended up getting our wedding bands from Ringworks Studio as well and we couldn't be happier. Not only did Joseph and Teresa help guide us through the process of designing the perfect rings, but they were also wonderfully cordial and delightful to spend time with discussing everything from green building practices to the intricacies of a seven layer chocolate torte. Even our dog still wags her tail when she thinks about the time she spent at the Studio eating biscuits and watching the peacocks!

Nathan L